A unique lady, a unique jewel

The made-to-measure is in a world of its own: an opend-minded world. The primary material of Annette’s work being the personality of her clientele, it makes her work challenging. She seeks to translate her clients’ values, tastes or behaviour into tangible image, and so into a unique jewel.

Ordering a “tailor-made” jewel is an adventure.

The first step is a session of exchanges. My clientele talks about themselves and I listen. I then depict key aspects of their personality. Surprisingly, most ladies find themselves astonished by the amount of information they give out and see their desire to posess a unique piece of jewellery as a creative adventure. A relationship between my clientele and me is established.

Not always knowing how to express what your jewellery should transmit, our initial conversation forms the basis of the creation process.

Then, I make sketches, play on various forms and colours, volumes, correct and re-sketch, in order to suggest the design…

… of the jewel which identifies with your true personality.


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