earrings "accroche-coeur"

18 carat gold

Simplicity is not banality. These dancing creoles actually express a joy of being beautiful coming from the islands, redesigned for a refined Parisian jewelery.

earrings "ailées"

purple sapphires, 18 carat red gold

We often find the combination of organic shapes and geometric elements in my jewelry creations. I love to create some tension to balance it then.

This creation is part of the collection of “winged”: While light, evoking a wing, each jewel is unique. It differs from other ‘winged’ either by its shape or by the color of stones.

earrings "vésuve"

fire opal, light green and orange sapphires, 18 carat gold

Made-to-measure creation: Back from a trip to Venice, my customer with an orange stone, she had seen. In fact, it was a fire opal. But the origin of these opals is Mexico.

earrings "papillons"

diamonds, multi-coloured sapphires, green garnet, black silver

bespoke design

earrings "Thulé"

rubellit, diamonds, 18 carat white gold

Customized creation.

This model can be declined with other stones or pearls instead of rubellites.

earrings "triptyque"

South sea pearls, diamonds, 18 carat black gold

These earrings express an incredible strength of character through their pure geometry and their contrast, the chiaroscuro.

earrings "sorbets"

diamonds, purple sapphires, 18 carat red gold

Made-to-measure creation: reuse of the client’s diamonds.