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Since the 1990’s, the variety of stones used in jewelry has considerably increased.

Following the emergence of a new clientele from emerging countries, demand in the jewelry sector has increased. There was a need to produce always more jewels and stones, which have become always more difficult to find. Since then, some mines are even depleted. Thus, the jewelers began to take an interest in previously neglected materials. We witnessed the return of the opal in the years 2010, with the appearance of fine stones in the showcases of the famous jewelers.
The entry of fashion labels into jewelry has upset the sector, not just in its operation. The styles of these new players on the market, more varied, were staged by colored stones. Lately, brightly colored stones, such as spessartite garnet, chrysoberyl or paraiba tourmaline, discovered in 1989, for example, have enjoyed increasing interest.

I started working as a jewelry designer in 2000. Little by little, I was able to fill my address book with names of quality suppliers, each specialized in a subject or provenance. Today, I know how to find the stone you dream of, or make you dream of a stone you did not suspect.

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Named because of the country where it was discovered by shepherds thanks to the unique deposit near Kilimanjaro, Tanzanite is a variety of gem that presents a wide variety of nuance.

The Maasai tribe of East Africa consider this stone sacred, symbolizing happiness and prosperity.

Tanzanite has a vitreous luster, from resplendent blue to deep purple to gray. Its particularity is its strength to change color according to the orientation. The stone reflects blue, red-violet and bronze color according to the choice of the lapidary, which makes each stone singular.

Like satin, it is the symbol of the 24th wedding anniversary

Imperial Topas

The imperial Topas is very rare. Its shades capture the warm glow of brilliant sunset brushed with peach and pink colours.

Spessartite garnet

People are more and more attracted by gemstones in vivid colours. The spessartite garnet offers orange-spiced hues, high brilliance and rarity on the market. It is lovely, combined with other gemstones, like morgantie for example.

Black opal


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Tsavorite is a stone of benevolence, vitality and prosperity. This form of garnet has been discovered in 1967, by the legendary geologist Campelle Bridges, in the Northeastern part of Tanzania.