Know How

All of my creations are made in Paris, in the French tradition of jewellery making.

Making jewellery involves very complex fabrication skills, using traditional and meticulous processes like model-waxing, melting, setting, polishing and more.

In our day and age working with the latest technology has become a part of everyday life. I skilfully work in tandem with the traditional know-how and 3D technology. CAD (Computer Aided Design) enables to produce pieces to the minutest detail. Such a combination has opened up new horizons to my work.

Then, the designs can be “printed” in wax on 3D printer machines.

But for some projects, I prefer the old wax-carving method.

The wax models will be send to the smelter, who transforms them into metal, generally gold.

The jeweller files, polishes with emery, mends, adjusts…

The setter attaches the stones.

Sometimes the engraver is involved.

Last but not least, the jewels are polished.