The design of these rings was inspired by nature, architecture, art and , when it comes to bespoke design, by the clients’ personality.

Ring "Laurence"

amethyst cabochon, diamonds, red gold

The ring “Laurence” is a creation made-to-measure, with the cabochon brought by my client. I can re-edit it with another stone, if you like.

I tried to create a balance between two poles: the strength of the geometric shapes opposes the roundness and softness of the cabochon.

Ring "Tao"

diamonds, red gold

The strong energy of the central part of the Tao ring is channeled by the sobriety of its general shape. The vacuum that characterizes it is the one that allows, as Lao Tzu said, to give a use to the vase, to live in the house or to use the hub of the wheel. It’s all the art of fine jewelry to be able to mobilize gold and diamonds to make sense of a jewel.

Ring "oasis"

Australian opal, green garnet, gold


In the last years you could observe a coming back of opals. In chapter gemstones, you will learn more about trends.

Ring "couronne"

diamonds, gold

The “crown” is one of the rings inspired by nature.

One day, I observed the flowers of a tamarisk in my garden. Then, the design of this ring alliance was born.

Ring "buffle"

tourmalin, diamonds, white gold

The buffalo that I met during a trip to South Africa inspired me the design of this very original ring. Worn on the middle finger, it spreads its wings at best. Do you like rings a bit extravagant?

Ring "pépites"

red gold

A ring to wear every day, a little rock side, the number 3 ….

Ring "Adrienne"

tanzanite, white gold

Simplicity, generosity and delicacy.

These are the character traits represented by this ring.

Ring "Atlantique"

Tanzanite, paving with brown and white diamonds set on palladium white gold

The “Atlantic” ring is a custom creation. They represent the purity, freshness and generosity of the ocean. The color of the center stone shows the depth of the Atlantic.

Ring "néolithique"

chrysopras, tourmalin, gold

A very original ring, do not you think?

Ring "Inde"

tanzanite, pink and violet sapphires

This ring makes us dream and – with its arabesques – travel in the East.


Ring " geste"

wood, 22 carat gold

22 carat gold for this ring, decorated with an elliptical element in wood, engraved and gilded with gold leaf. The motif evokes the body of an African dancer.

Ring "5"

diamonds, red gold

You want to know how to buy a diamond? You will find an introduction to this subject on this site.

Ring "X"

diamonds, white gold

172 small diamonds sparkle the “x” ring of a thousand fires. She plays with symmetry and wants to be happy. She is perfect to feel princess.

Ring "Hélène"

black silver

I edit this ring also in pink gold, yellow or white. She has a lot of character, yet she knows to agree to very different outfits. Especially in the gold versions.

Ring "valse"

fire opal, gold

A nice movement embraces this orange stone. It is a fire opal from Mexico.

Ring "onde"

diamonds, white gold – Available in Red gold



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Ring "blanche neige"

Madagascar Garnet, Diamonds, Black Gold

This ring named “Blanche Neige” takes its name from the famous white metaphor as snow, red as blood and black as ebony.

Ring "Feuilles"

black opal from Australia, white gold, setted with diamonds