Women’s jewellery, custom-made or freely inspired

This womens jewelry is a contemporary jewelry creation. An organic form in white gold with purple sapphires. It's lightweight women's jewellery. It is a unique piece.

Most of the time, I create custom-made jewellery for women. It is the personality of my clients that inspires and guides me in the creation of the jewel. A ring should suggest finesse, sensitivity. The earrings of another will symbolize the joy of living. The necklace of a third will signal boldness, risk-taking….

Once I have decided what character traits, what emotions the jewel should reflect, I transcribe them into visual language and choose which spirit will best express them. Thus, the style of my jewellery is eclectic.

Some people prefer to choose a jewel that already exists, among the existing models or from the photo of one of my creations that can be reissued.

I now invite you to discover some of my creations!

Click on the images below to discover the rings, earrings and necklaces…