Special orders and men jewellery

A jeweller doesn’t necessarily create only jewellery! As a designer, I am sometimes asked to work on projects that are more or less distant from jewellery, by private customers or companies.

Here are two examples.

Elmantine – a jewel for men -Valerus

I was asked to design and develop this object, in black and yellow gold, for the Valerus brand. – This jewel slips over the buttons on the sleeve of a man’s jacket.  With Elmantine, Valerus has invented a new type of jewellery for men, very exclusive. There is a legend around this idea, a club with secret rules…

We won’t tell you anymore. You will find all the explanations on this new kind of jewelry on the website www.valerus.fr.

Apart from this particular project, I can create men’s jewellery on request.

This innovative men's jewel is called Elmantine and fits on the sleeve buttons of a jacket. Designed by Annette Girardon for the Valerus brand.

Railing for a bridge

It was about drawing the railing for a bridge in a private property, which was to link the modern villa to its garden.

The balustrade of this bridge was designed by Annette Girardon, jeweller in Paris, a stone's throw from Place Vendôme. This is a special order.