This is a transformation of jewellery made in Paris. The diamond recovered from an old ring has been mounted in a  an original and contemporary ring design.

Tailor-made jewellery transformation – jewellery upcycling

Do you own fine jewellery that you no longer wear? A stone that you would like to integrate into a more modern jewel or have it mounted as an engagement ring by a jeweller in Paris? You don’t know what to do with some old broken jewellery, which has been sleeping at the bottom of your drawer for years? These are all opportunities to dare to transform jewellery, to offer you a tailor-made creation.

If these jewels no longer please us, we can invent a new life for them. (see ideas of jewels)

Here is an example of how a piece of jewellery can be transformed into a fine jewellery ring in Paris. The design was designed by Annette Girardon.
This ring is the result of a transformation by a Paris jeweller. The topaz, recovered from an old jewel, was mounted into a contemporary design ring. The gold will be recycled.