Shooting engagement rings at the Hotel Lutetia in Paris. Annette Girardon's jewellery creations accompanied this photo session, shortly after the reopening of the Lutetia hotel.

The wedding rings

A first glance, the magic of love, then the desire to share all life, to build together. The engagement ring accompanies the proposal. In France, the bride will wear the ring on the ring finger of her left hand, as a sign of acceptance of this commitment.

At the wedding ceremony, the spouses exchange wedding rings which will also be worn on the ring finger of the left hand. When choosing the engagement ring, make sure that its shape allows for the association of a wedding ring.

Nowadays, many people refer to wedding rings as both wedding rings and engagement rings.

In the following pages, I therefore let you discover wedding ring proposals, i.e. engagement rings and wedding rings.  You will find original as well as classic ones. But don’t hesitate to ask me for a personalized creation, maybe even for a stone you already own.

To better choose the center stone for your engagement ring, I invite you to consult the diamond chapter as well as the article’ Which stone to choose for the engagement ring? ‘ in the blog section.


@milophotographie, This photo was taken during a wedding shooting at the Hotel Lutetia in Paris. dress: Fanny Sathou, model: @armelle_grd, place: Hotel Lutetia