Annette Girardon, creates your wedding ring, advises you when buying your diamond. She will find your diamond for your engagement ring, custom jewelry.


How to choose a diamond?  The more interested you are, the more you realize that it is not easy to find the ideal diamond, the one that corresponds to your project. It is for this reason that I propose to accompany you in your approach. We will define together what type of diamond is right for you, then I will look for it.

As an introduction to the matter, I explain here what is understood by the “4C” of the diamond:
Carat (weight)
One carat weighs 0.2g. Diamond weight provides a framework for research. You may come to see me with the idea of ​​a 0.5 carat stone or a 1 carat diamond. Know that two diamonds of the same weight, can have very different prices.

If you have seen the Titanic movie, you already know that there are blue diamonds. They are very rare. Others are yellow, pink, brown, black, green, but the criterion “colour” among the 4C’s seeks to classify the shade of white transparent diamonds, those that are not really colored. The color chart goes from D (colorless) to Z (light).

To determine the purity of a diamond, it is examined with a magnifying glass at a magnification of 10 times. Only an experienced eye can unseal inclusions in the form of feathers, clouds, tiny spots or other imperfections. The scale of evaluation contains eleven graduations, from flawless to I3 (included).

This criterion refers to the execution of the diamond size. One judges the excellence of its proportions and the positioning of the facets, their precise angles. The scale contains 5 evaluation graduations from excellent to poor.

Understand that this is only an introduction. The 4Cs give an appreciation, but are not enough to make an optimized choice. So I suggest you put my experience at your service to find your diamond.

Are you interested in gems? Here is a link to the GIA (Gemological Institute of America) website

Here is a diamond, intended to be mounted in a custom engagement ring, with its GIA certificate (gemmological institute of America).