Which stone to choose for an engagement ring?

Rare fine stone. Namibian tourmaline, of exceptional colour and quality and of breathtaking value. Which stone to choose for the engagement ring?

The engagement ring accompanies the marriage proposal, the proposal to build a life together. Diamond – symbol of eternity – remains the stone of choice, followed by sapphire. Many other stones are possible, but are often not taken into consideration, simply because the future engaged couple do not know them. If a coloured stone is not excluded from the outset, these few markers may help you.

1. The crush
Some stones touch us more than others. Thus, you will have to listen to your heart to know which one has this beauty that amazes you.

2. The price
You will soon realize that the prices of precious and semi-precious stones are very varied and can reach astronomical amounts. So, it is better to set a framework and define a budget, after your first overview.

3. The quality
I generally advise, for a given budget, to favour the quality of a stone rather than its volume. A quality stone will keep its magic and will help you not get tired of your engagement ring.

4. The color
When we say “engagement ring”, we first think of the four precious stones, diamond, sapphire, ruby and emerald. But there are attractive alternatives among gemstones. If you are attracted to red, for example, why not look for a beautiful rubellite tourmaline, a garnet from Mozambique or a spinel instead of the very expensive ruby?

You may also not find the colours you like among the gems. For a ring in pastel tones, a malaya garnet, a morganite, a green beryl or a lavender tanzanite will seduce you. Or does your heart tend towards bright colours? In this case, look at spessartite garnet (orange) or paraïba tourmaline (lagoon blue) for example.

5. The style of the ring
The colour, shape and size of a stone are elements of style. Do you dream of a contemporary, classic or romantic engagement ring? The style of the stone should match the design of your engagement ring.

6. The solidity
The engagement ring is the jewel that a woman will wear all her life, sometimes even every day. Thus, it will also be necessary to take into account the strength of the stone, which must be adapted to the way the bride will wear her ring.

7. The association of the engagement ring with clothing and other jewellery
Take a step back and think about how your fiancée likes to dress. What colours does she prefer for her clothes? Will the stone you are about to choose match your beloved’s cloakroom? And does it leave the possibility of being associated with other jewellery?

I hope I’ve given you something to think about. I am of course at your disposal to accompany you throughout your engagement ring project and to offer you precious or semi-precious stones.

In the meantime, I invite you to consult the “gemstones” and “diamond” sections on this site, if you want to go a little further.

Annette Girardon